Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 12

We were supposed to be something different today but instead I wanted to come on and shout about the BIG GIVE! There is less than 24 hours to go to donate to a charity of your choice and have your donation doubled as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole because there are so many charities participating and I always find it so heart-warming to see all the good that is going on in the world!!

If you are thinking about giving for Christmas this year, I would urge you to check the Big Give list (search ‘the big give’ on google or go to You can double your donation without even trying. Win win!!

We supported Tommy’s as they are using their money raised to create resources for dads and partners during pregnancy and when facing baby loss- of course a matter very close to our hearts! It was very hard to choose though- too many worthwhile charities and too little time and money!!

Anyway- spread the word about the big give!! ❤️

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 11

Today, I went for a walk with a friend and we did a litter pick as we went along. Fortunately, there wasn’t actually that much rubbish but we filled up a bag for life nicely. I actually saw more rubbish in the roads around our house than when on the walk so I might need to collect a bit more tomorrow!

My favourite part of the walk was when Ezzie was trying to help us look for rubbish and 3 people walked past drinking beers from a can. He pointed at them and said “RUBBISH!” We laughed and said “No, they are still drinking that” and they laughed along and told us they were still half full.

Ezzie wouldn’t take no for an answer though and followed them until they were basically forced to chug their beer and hand over the cans. He will either be an eco warrior when he’s older or a terrible instigator of downing drinks on a night out!

We had our hands full with a toddler and excitable dog on the walk but Sam managed to snap a picture when we got home for evidence!!

Not a bad amount of litter picked!
Beer cans are in there somewhere 🤣

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 10

Today was a lovely Christmassy one! We made Christmas wreaths!! One is for my Mum and Dad’s front door (who live down the road), one is for our door and we made an extra for a friend.

He’s just bought his first home and we didn’t think he’d buy one for his first Christmas there!Here’s hoping he’s not too embarrassed to put it on his door 🤣

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Our Christmas wreath on the front door
The three wreaths together 🎄

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 9

Today’s kind act is definitely going to become a Woolford family Christmas tradition! We got a Macdonalds drive-thru breakfast on our way to choose a Christmas tree and paid for the person’s food behind us.

Sam and I felt like naughty schoolchildren when Sam asked the server if it was possible. Sam saw the woman behind us ask “Why?!” before it being explained. Haha! We then got a smile and a thumbs up though 🥰.

I would totally recommend this kind act- it was lots of fun!!

EDIT: We’ve heard from the lady’s friend and apparently she was over the moon! 🌙⭐️

Smiles all round 🥰

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 8

Today’s act of kindness is to shop small/local/ second hand! Basically whatever we can do to not shop at Amazon as a lot of the high street stores are struggling this year too!

I have been trying to use Etsy as my first call before Amazon this year to see if I can support a small business first! I will share a few lovely businesses on my stories too!

Along with shopping small is also leaving positive reviews. I know from friends with small businesses that this makes a huge difference along with recommendations!

So I plan on leaving a few 5 ⭐️ reviews and nice comments too 👍

Happy shopping!!

Beautiful decorations from Felix FiftyTwo (Etsy)
Remember to leave positive reviews!

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 7

Today’s kind act was perfect for a chilly day like today.

As a family, we got wrapped up in our woolly hats and scarves (and my favourite snuggly woolly coatigan) to take part in #winterwoollyweds for Child Bereavement UK.

All you need to do is get wrapped up and donate as little or as much as you would like and share your picture on social media.

Donations go towards supporting families that have lost a child or children who are grieving the loss of someone. It’s a fantastic charity to get behind ❤️


Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 6

Today’s kind act is to raise awareness for an amazing small charity called Little Hearts Matter. They are the UK charity who support anyone affect by the diagnosis of a single ventricle condition- this effectively means that a baby has half a working heart.

Etta’s case was a little more complicated than most but usually there is no cure for these babies with single ventricle conditions but rather there is a series of 3 palliative surgeries- the Norwood (newborn), the Glenn (a few months old) and the Fontan (put off for as long as possible but usually around 4/5 years old).

Etta’s third major surgery was actually the Norwood procedure so her heart was already very tired by this point. It was very much a last chance at survival for Etta. She died before the other surgeries could be carried out.

Etta after her ‘Norwood’ procedure

However, it is an amazing celebration and achievement to complete your third surgery (the Fontan operation) so Little Hearts Matter send a balloon for each child after they come out of surgery to make them smile 😄.

Etta never made it to her Fontan operation but today we want to celebrate a little girl or boy who did!

So we are paying for a balloon to be delivered as our kind act today. 🎈

You can give these as a gift in someone else’s behalf for a heart-warming Christmas present (a bit like Send a Cow!)

If you would like to find out more about this amazing charity then go to or visit their social media.

Half a heart… not half a life. ❤️

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 5

So for today’s kind act Sam was supposed to be giving blood but he’s had to start a course of antibiotics so it fell to me to offer up my veins. I wish I had a picture of me donating but alas I wasn’t in the chair for long enough so here is a picture of me looking sad with some leaflets…

At least I got the plaster!

After a bit of a palaver about whether I could take Sam’s appointment if he had an infection and a long wait in the waiting room, I finally got into the health triage bit. I had to answer the ‘Could you be pregnant?’ and ‘Have you been pregnant in the last 6 months?’ type questions. Apparently miscarriages have to be checked by a nurse and then a doctor. Luckily, I think I’m getting very used to talking about dead babies with strangers. The bit which really made me smile was that all the questions were being asked to a backdrop of ‘Bye bye baby’ by the Bay City Rollers. Oh the irony!

After finally being approved- I was all set to go. The needle needed to be rearranged a bit (hence my lovely arm care leaflet) but all seemed well. And then the pack malfunctioned meaning they couldn’t take the tests they needed!! So I very much tried to give blood- and it counts as a donation so I can’t give blood for another 4 months despite them only taking a little bit!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Oh well- I tried to make the world better for Etta. I think it was because it was donation number 13!! 🙅🏼‍♀️

If you are thinking about becoming a donor- it’s USUALLY very easy and you get lots of lovely biscuits! You could be saving somebody like Etta’s life who needed countless blood products after her several heart surgeries.

All the wires and all the blood products needed

They are particularly seeking black donors, O – blood type donors and donors for the city donor centres over the Winter months.

Go on… do something amazing- give blood. 💉🩸🍪

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 4

Today, we got a little Christmassy in the kitchen making reindeer food! I offered to make a big batch for Ezzie’s pre-school. They are selling them at £1 a bag and funds are going towards buying them some outdoor equipment.

The messy making station!!

I’m really looking forward to sprinkling this on the lawn with Ezzie on Christmas Eve. Here’s hoping Rudolph likes porridge oats!! 🤣🦌🥣

Ready for some festive pre-schoolers!

(If you are local to Salisbury and would like a bag, I’m sure I can whip one up for you for a £1 donation) ☺️

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign- Day 3

Today’s kind act is buying an ethical advent calendar. I know what you’re thinking… it’s not December!! But I wanted to share now in case this was one people wanted to join in with and they hadn’t sorted out an advent calendar yet.

I chose to gift Sam an ‘Advent of Change’ Advent Calendar which supports 24 different charities and each window is a different charity donation. (I’ll show you when we open it next week). They also do a premium, Braille and a kids version. Such a wonderful idea 🥰

There are lots of other ‘ethical’ advent calendars out there- that range from the cheap to the expensive! There are many picture advent calendars that donate a portion of their funds to charity, or chocolate ones that support fair trade (Divine and the Real advent calendar are my favourites). And if you are after some luxury- these brands are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free (love cocoa and PlayIn Choc)

Whatever you choose for your countdown to Christmas- enjoy!! 🍫🎄