Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 6

Today’s kind act is to raise awareness for an amazing small charity called Little Hearts Matter. They are the UK charity who support anyone affect by the diagnosis of a single ventricle condition- this effectively means that a baby has half a working heart.

Etta’s case was a little more complicated than most but usually there is no cure for these babies with single ventricle conditions but rather there is a series of 3 palliative surgeries- the Norwood (newborn), the Glenn (a few months old) and the Fontan (put off for as long as possible but usually around 4/5 years old).

Etta’s third major surgery was actually the Norwood procedure so her heart was already very tired by this point. It was very much a last chance at survival for Etta. She died before the other surgeries could be carried out.

Etta after her ‘Norwood’ procedure

However, it is an amazing celebration and achievement to complete your third surgery (the Fontan operation) so Little Hearts Matter send a balloon for each child after they come out of surgery to make them smile 😄.

Etta never made it to her Fontan operation but today we want to celebrate a little girl or boy who did!

So we are paying for a balloon to be delivered as our kind act today. 🎈

You can give these as a gift in someone else’s behalf for a heart-warming Christmas present (a bit like Send a Cow!)

If you would like to find out more about this amazing charity then go to or visit their social media.

Half a heart… not half a life. ❤️

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