Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 11

Today, I went for a walk with a friend and we did a litter pick as we went along. Fortunately, there wasn’t actually that much rubbish but we filled up a bag for life nicely. I actually saw more rubbish in the roads around our house than when on the walk so I might need to collect a bit more tomorrow!

My favourite part of the walk was when Ezzie was trying to help us look for rubbish and 3 people walked past drinking beers from a can. He pointed at them and said “RUBBISH!” We laughed and said “No, they are still drinking that” and they laughed along and told us they were still half full.

Ezzie wouldn’t take no for an answer though and followed them until they were basically forced to chug their beer and hand over the cans. He will either be an eco warrior when he’s older or a terrible instigator of downing drinks on a night out!

We had our hands full with a toddler and excitable dog on the walk but Sam managed to snap a picture when we got home for evidence!!

Not a bad amount of litter picked!
Beer cans are in there somewhere 🤣

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