Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 9

Today’s kind act is definitely going to become a Woolford family Christmas tradition! We got a Macdonalds drive-thru breakfast on our way to choose a Christmas tree and paid for the person’s food behind us.

Sam and I felt like naughty schoolchildren when Sam asked the server if it was possible. Sam saw the woman behind us ask “Why?!” before it being explained. Haha! We then got a smile and a thumbs up though 🥰.

I would totally recommend this kind act- it was lots of fun!!

EDIT: We’ve heard from the lady’s friend and apparently she was over the moon! 🌙⭐️

Smiles all round 🥰

One thought on “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 9

  1. Never been to a Macdonald’s drive thru, and breakfast.. I could be persuaded to hang around, In case I could slip in behind you, for a Big Mac

    I think what you are doing is amazing, really thoughtful kindnesses ,

    Lots of love Jennie xx


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