Better for Etta Kindness Campaign- Day 3

Today’s kind act is buying an ethical advent calendar. I know what you’re thinking… it’s not December!! But I wanted to share now in case this was one people wanted to join in with and they hadn’t sorted out an advent calendar yet.

I chose to gift Sam an ‘Advent of Change’ Advent Calendar which supports 24 different charities and each window is a different charity donation. (I’ll show you when we open it next week). They also do a premium, Braille and a kids version. Such a wonderful idea 🥰

There are lots of other ‘ethical’ advent calendars out there- that range from the cheap to the expensive! There are many picture advent calendars that donate a portion of their funds to charity, or chocolate ones that support fair trade (Divine and the Real advent calendar are my favourites). And if you are after some luxury- these brands are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free (love cocoa and PlayIn Choc)

Whatever you choose for your countdown to Christmas- enjoy!! 🍫🎄

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