Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 18

This morning, Sam and I started writing Christmas cards and it got me thinking about all the thank you cards we wrote after Etta died- to all the doctors, nurses and midwives that had been involved in her care. I realised there were lots of other people I wanted to thank too. So today’s kindContinue reading “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 18”

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 17

Today’s kind act was a simple one- we put a few coins in the parking meter so pay for the next person’s parking. I took Ezzie to the hospital the other day (because he shoved a popcorn kernel up his nose 🤦🏼‍♀️) and when I arrived I realised I didn’t have my purse with me.Continue reading “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 17”

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 16

Today’s kind act is basically a humble brag about how young I am! 💁🏼‍♀️Today, I signed up to be on the stem cell register through Anthony Nolan which is possible if you are aged 16-30. Sam is a keen bean and signed up a while ago! This means that if we are a match withContinue reading “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 16”

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 14

Today’s kind act is a bit of a cheat because we’ve been busy today visiting Father Christmas!! 🎅🏻🎄 However, today is all about volunteering. I could talk all day about how great volunteering is- for you, for the people you help, for the community. There have been lots of studies to suggest that volunteering improvesContinue reading “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 14”

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 9

Today’s kind act is definitely going to become a Woolford family Christmas tradition! We got a Macdonalds drive-thru breakfast on our way to choose a Christmas tree and paid for the person’s food behind us. Sam and I felt like naughty schoolchildren when Sam asked the server if it was possible. Sam saw the womanContinue reading “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 9”

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 7

Today’s kind act was perfect for a chilly day like today. As a family, we got wrapped up in our woolly hats and scarves (and my favourite snuggly woolly coatigan) to take part in #winterwoollyweds for Child Bereavement UK. All you need to do is get wrapped up and donate as little or as muchContinue reading “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 7”

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign- Day 3

Today’s kind act is buying an ethical advent calendar. I know what you’re thinking… it’s not December!! But I wanted to share now in case this was one people wanted to join in with and they hadn’t sorted out an advent calendar yet. I chose to gift Sam an ‘Advent of Change’ Advent Calendar whichContinue reading “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign- Day 3”

Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 1

Today we were kind to ourselves. After all- you can’t pour from an empty cup. I’ve spent all day crying but so overwhelmed by other people’s love and kindness for us. And not just today- but every day since Etta’s diagnosis. So today’s act of kindness is from you. Thank you. Thank you to thoseContinue reading “Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 1”

How do you parent a dead child?

Imagine the scene… You get in the car from the hospital and see the car seat you carefully installed. You arrive to freshly washed baby clothes in the drawers and a crib by the bed. You look down and see a rounded stomach and milk leaking through your top. You find gifts and cards welcomingContinue reading “How do you parent a dead child?”

This is grief (and this is and this is…)

Grief isn’t what I expected it to be. People don’t often talk about it, even though everyone will go through losing a loved one at some point in their life. I’ve never lost anybody close to me before and even if I had, I’m not sure it would have prepared me for Etta dying anyway.Continue reading “This is grief (and this is and this is…)”