Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 18

This morning, Sam and I started writing Christmas cards and it got me thinking about all the thank you cards we wrote after Etta died- to all the doctors, nurses and midwives that had been involved in her care.

I realised there were lots of other people I wanted to thank too. So today’s kind act is writing some thank you cards to those who have supported me this year. I’ll be honest- I wish I could have written to so many more friends and family members but I found this act of kindness emotional. As per usual with this grief thing, I feel filled with so much gratitude for the people around me whilst being filled with so much sorrow for the one person I don’t. It’s hard to look back at this year with a thankful heart but today is for the many people who have continued to hold us up when it felt like grief was going to pull us under. Thank you ❤️

Maybe your kind act could be a thank you card- it’s so nice to see those words written down from a loved one. I certainly have appreciated all your kind letters and cards this year. Also who doesn’t love receiving post?!

The writing station!

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