Better for Etta Kindness Campaign- Day 2

Today I chose a present for Etta’s birthday from the Bristol Children’s Hospital wish list. The play department (which was a real source of joy for us and Ezzie while at BCH) have chosen the toys they think will be most popular .

Because it was quieter over the Christmas weeks- Ezzie often had the entire playroom to himself at the hospital.

I was delighted to see some of the presents that I had in my Amazon shopping basket last year for Etta’s Christmas present but never got the chance to buy her before she died.

So after much deliberation I went for a cool ocean tummy time mat that I was looking forward to using with Etta in her first few months and some sort of activity triangle I thought she would like now at 1 years old.

Etta’s birthday presents will be on their way to Bristol soon ☺️

I wish we could have spoilt you on your birthday baby girl but I hope some other babies at the hospital enjoy the toys as much as you would have ❤️.

If you would like to do something like this as an act of kindness then here is the link to buy a gift for a baby:

Let me know if you would rather buy a toy for another age group and I will send you the link. And if you want to support your own local hospital- it’s worth enquiring whether the play/ paediatric department have their own Amazon wish list 👍.

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