Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 13

Today’s kind act was donating a bereavement book package to Ezzie’s pre-school. When I spoke to Ezzie’s keyworker, she hadn’t heard of Winston’s Wish and they didn’t have any specific resources on grief.

So I thought instead of telling them about the books on the Winstons Wish and Child Bereavement UK websites, I would buy some of them instead! Sadly, Ezzie won’t be the only child to lose a sibling, parent or grandparent whilst at the pre-school.

I know that I found it really tricky to know what to say when I was teaching recently bereaved pupils in Key Stage 1 and I think pre-schoolers must be even harder! Hopefully, these resources will give them a place to start and confidence to broach such a hard topic.

Beautiful books- Ezzie loved the lift the flap one!

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