Thank You!

Thank you for helping us make the world better for Etta ❤️🌍

In a year where fundraising has been difficult, you’ve really dug deep and supported 2 charities that are very close to our hearts: The Grand Appeal and Sands United FC Salisbury. We are very grateful- your donations will make a huge difference to both sick children and their families in the South West and bereaved fathers in the Salisbury area.

This certificate was given to us when we went to deliver the care packages for families in hospital over Christmas time.

We couldn’t just thank you for your kind donations, I needed to thank you for all the wonderful kind acts you did too!

I made this mosaic (I think 158 pictures) to show all the kind acts that you carried out over the campaign.

Can you zoom in to find your kind act?

I wish I could list all of the kind deeds but here are a few:

⭐️Lots of you did litter picks/ recycled more/ planted flowers or trees 🌳🌺

Lots of you did things to make the world a more beautiful place 🥰

⭐️Lots of you gave blood/ signed up to give blood or go on stem cell register 💉

⭐️Lots of you donated food to your local food bank 🥫🍞

I enjoyed working in the Trussell Trust too 👍

⭐️Lots of you donated toys to local Christmas present appeals 🎁🧸

⭐️ Some of you have signed up to volunteer 👏🏻

⭐️Lots of you donated to money to a cause that was important to you 💰💵

⭐️Lots of you bought presents for key workers, domestic workers and those you might not usually buy for 🛍

⭐️ 2 children in developing countries will receive cleft palate surgery and heart surgery 👶👶

Supporting Smile Train and Healing Little Hearts ♥️

⭐️ And a whole load of you smiled more, said kind things and spoke the names of Etta and other children who have died ❤️

A special shout out to my beautiful cousin Verity who ran 28 miles for Etta (a mile a day) to raise money for The Grand Appeal. 💖🏃🏼‍♀️

This was a labour of love!!

And my gorgeous friend Emily over in Florida who managed a kind act every day for Etta with her 2 little girls 👶🏼👧🏼

And last but not least my amazing Sister-in-Law @kimberley_alice_strickland who publicly thanked a different person each day for their kindness and drummed up lots of donations whilst doing it! ❤️💬

We are SO lucky to have you all.

And as Winnie the Pooh says… “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

We are so lucky that Etta’s life continues to be our driving force every day- even over a year on.

3 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Emily, this is an amazing Kindness Campaign and has been so inspiring on so many levels to lots of people. What a wonderful contribution to the charities that benefited but mostly what warms my heart is this:

    “And a whole load of you smiled more, said kind things and spoke the names of Etta and other children who have died”


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