Better for Etta Kindness Campaign Day 20

Today’s kind act was a lot of fun! I helped out at the Trussell Trust’s social enterprise warehouse which meant sorting through loads of clothes donations. I was made to feel so welcome and even got a dupe of tea ☕️ Funds made through their charity shops support their aim of stopping UK hunger through their food banks.

Sorting through donations 👍

The Trussell Trust was founded in Salisbury, by Paddy and Carol Henderson (who went to the same church as our family). Although the charity was originally set up to help those in poverty in Bulgaria, one evening a local mother phoned up to ask what the charity was doing to support those like her in the city. And the rest, as they say, is history! It’s an amazing reminder that something as simple as a phone call and some very kind people can change the world!

It’s been a real privilege to see the trussell trust expand into the amazing charity that it is today, although heartbreaking that there is such a need for it- this year more than ever.

A few ways you can support the Trussell Trust this Christmas:

  • Donate to your local TT food bank- there are now collection points all over the UK!
  • If there is a community shop near you, you can donate high quality goods (clothes, electronics, furniture etc. )
  • Visit their eBay and depop shop for some christmas presents 🎁
  • Buy the new charity single from LadBaby
The LadBaby family are releasing their third Christmas single in aid of the Trussell Trust.

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